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Change Your Home Vibes with Fancy Wall Lights!

Wall lights are an ideal choice to brighten up your home. The compact size makes it easy to install while saving additional space. These LED wall lights suit well for any style of interiors. You can use fancy wall lights in the living room to beautify its overall look. Wall lights can be installed at entrances or corridors for bright lighting. For bedtime readers, wall light lamps prove to be a boon; you can install these lamps right above your reading spot.

You can even install decorative wall lights in your bathroom to give it a lavish touch. Homes with empty walls can be adorned by using decorative wall lights along with paintings or pictures. You can even decorate your terrace or garden area with quirky wall lights.

Choose the Right LED Wall Lights

Knowing what type of wall light lamps will suit your interiors well is essential. There are three types of wall lampsupward, downward, and two-way. Based on the need, you can pick the right one. If you want a light for reading purposes, then you must go for a downward or two-way light. If you want to light up the corridor pathway, then an upward or two-way light is suitable. Similarly, you can opt for picture lights to decorate your living rooms.

Consider the material it is made from, brand, price, and the style it features. You can't buy a modern led wall light for a house bearing traditional style interiors. The right choice of colors and patterns also matters. You can level-up a simple room with fancy wall lights for the living room.

Discover Fancy Wall Lights at Bonzer India

At Bonzer India, you can order from a range of decorative wall lights such as wall sconces, picture lights, bath lights, and wall lanterns. You can shop for lights under Rs. 900. These wall light lamps are made of metal, glass, fabric, natural fiber, plastic, wood, brass, and steel. Some of these lights are also available in sets of 2, 3, 4, and 5. With different shapes and patterns, these lights are designed carefully, keeping in mind customer requirements. From a collection of luxe designs and exciting colors, you can choose lamps that will blend well with your house interiors. Beautify the look of your house with high-end and unique fancy wall lights and receive huge compliments from guests.


Other than the above brands, there are many such brands from which you can pick the lightings. You can also avail great discount deals on various wall light lamps.

Buy from Bonzer India Why?

Buying from Bonzer India gets you a lot of perks. With a user-friendly website, ordering the desired product becomes a lot easier. You can pay using any method from cash, internet banking, card payment, PayPal, or online wallets. If you prefer paying in installments, then you can go for the "No Cost EMI."

Thanks to the search customization, you can use different filters to narrow down your search results. These filters include the brand type, price range, primary material, base material, colors, discount, height, width, depth, and the number of lights. Its excellent customer service and policies aim to enhance your overall shopping experience.

Similar Products to Buy from Bonzer India

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What are the top brands in Wall Lights at Bonzer India

Casacraft, Stello, Eliante by jainsons light, Kapoor, Fos lighting

Should the wall scones lights point up or down?

Generally a wall sconces with downward light leads to adequate light for eg. On your bed side table, above study table, besides a dressing table to illumuniate for a particular purpose. On the other hand upward light can be used for night light for avoiding direct light on eye.

What are the different types of wall light ?

Downward: Perfect for bedrooms, studies, or any other more intimate settings, downward lights cast their glow towards the floor in a narrow range. This makes them ideal for making rooms feel smaller and more cozy.Upward light: They project light towards the ceiling and create a spacious feeling in the room. Drawing the eye upwards, this style is ideal for use in living spaces, hallways.

what kind of shade fabric should I choose to illumuniate more light ?

Glass Shades-Most commonly used and can be mounted upwards or downwardsFabric Shades- Provides even light to avoid glare and work well in living rooms and bedroomsCylindrical Shades- Can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Preferably mount them above the mirrorCurved Shades-Curved shades hug the wall. Provides accent lighting in the room to create a focal pointSwing-Arm Wall Sconces-Modern sconces with a hinged arm letting the light extend out, back, left or right.Directional Wall Sconces-With hinged shade, allowing it to move up and down, provides task lighting when mounted next to bed or in front of a desk. Candle Wall Sconces- Designed to look like candles that come in one-, two- or three-light fixtures, they are good for an old world feel.