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Buy Study Lamps Online At Best Price in India

Are you burning the midnight oil to achieve your dreams? Dont let bad or insufficient lighting cast a shadow over it! Study well under the shade of a reading lamp that shines bright light on your bright dreams.

Your workstation or study table should be well lit, to enable you a good view and avoid straining your eyes. Therefore it is recommended that you get a lamp for study table for sufficient lighting. Often it is observed that lighting, even during the day, may get blocked due to other objects, furniture or even your own head in the way of light, making your desk area dim or dark. During the evening and night time when there is no natural lighting, room lighting may still be too dim for study. If you share the room with siblings or your partner, you wouldnt want to inconvenience them with all the overhead lighting. A study lamp is most useful in all such scenarios to give you focussed lighting over your desk, be it day or night.

A temple lamp is a good investment for every home. If you are a student or have kids at home, a table lamp for study is necessary. Buy study lamp online from Bonzer India collection and find the most inspiring designs that add functionality as well as aesthetics to your work desk. Check out our entire collection of lights and explore lighting solutions for your home serving different needs and requirements. Meanwhile, heres how you can include a lamp in your home correctly. Include a lamp in your home with these tips:

Choose The Right Lamp

When you are buying a lamp for your study table or work desk, make sure you buy a study table or reading lamp and not a “table lamp”. Reading lamps are specially designed to provide ample focussed lighting with a minimum glare to make reading easy. Table lamps or lampshades are designed to light up bigger spaces for ambient lighting purposes, they can shine too bright or too dim making them unsuitable for the purpose of reading.

Make sure to buy a lamp that is bright enough to provide ample lighting for your desk. Reading lamps are recommended to be 450 lumens or 40 watts. At Bonzer India, youll find reading lamps within the ideal range for reading/writing as well as heavy-duty tasks or fine working. There is yellow as well as white LED light lamps available, so you can choose one as per your need and preference.

Place It Correctly For Maximum Convenience

Ideally, the source of light should be 15-36 inches above your work area. Thus lamps come in the same range of height. Some lamps may have a fixed height, however, most lamps have a flexible arm that can adjust the height according to your need. It can also be positioned to accommodate a range of tasks.

Place your table lamp towards the back on either side of the table. Avoid placing it in the centre, right in front of you as that can be inconvenient and uncomfortable for your eyes. If you are right-handed, place the lamp on the left side or the other way round if you're a lefty so as to free up the space on the side of the working hand and also avoid its shadow on the area.

Buy Study Lamps Online At the Best Prices at Bonzer India

At Bonzer India, you can buy study lamps at the best prices. Choose the best study lamp that fits your budget and enhances your productivity without straining your eyes. We also sell LED study table lamps which are highly energy efficient, so you don't have to worry about high electricity bills. Moreover, with periodic discounts and festive offers, you can avail heavy discounts on the study lamp prices. So go ahead and choose the best table lamp for study and get it delivered to your doorstep. You may also like to check out our amazing collection of floor lamps, step lights,, hanging lights, ceiling lights, security lights & paper lanterns

Shop From A Wide Range Of Options From Bonzer India

Bonzer India houses a wide collection of home furnishing decor and furniture in a huge variety. Every product we list has been carefully selected and approved by our expert stylists for its quality, functionality as well as aesthetic value. Shop for all your home needs online only on Bonzer India.

If you need to buy reading lamps, Bonzer Indias range of study lamps contains many sleek, stylish reading lamp designs from among which you can shop minimalist, quirky, or traditional lamps for your study. Our carefully curated collection from many reputed sellers is crafted in unique designs and the best materials – high-quality metal and PVC. They are sturdy and durable enough to last you years! They also take up less space and provide all the flexibility and functionality you need.

Study Lamps - Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Right Kind Of A Study Lamp?

Clear, bright light that's easy to work beneath.Relatively focused beam with minimal glare.An adjustable design that can be positioned to accommodate a range of tasks.

Where Should I Place My Study Lamp?

Place the lamp at 15-36 inches above your work area. Most of the study Lamps have adjustable arms to allow customisable heights. Right-handed people must place their desk lamps to their left and vice versa to reduce shadows.

How Is A Study Lamp Different From A Table Lamp?

The light from the study lamp helps in reducing strain while we work and also makes reading easier as the glare is minimum. Unlike study Lamps, Table Lamps provide ambient lighting for a bigger space.

What Is The Best Type Of Lighting For A Study Lamp?

It is recommended to use a study lamp with a 30o beam, optimally highlighting your work space. Preferably use a LED white light.

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