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Buy Table Lamp Online at Best Price in India

Table lamps have been popular since the Victorian age. With the changing aesthetics from beadings, fringes, stained glass, to terracotta, the style of lampshades has been evolved. You can decorate your room with an alluring bedroom table lamp that will sit upright beside a photo frame on the bedside cabinet. Take your interiors a notch higher by opting for small table lamps that blend absolutely with almost all modern styles.

Night lamps not only beautify the ambiance of your house but also provide enough light in the required corner. Whether a study table or shoe cabinet in the living room, small table lamps fit perfectly without occupying much space. These battery table lamps are easy to use and also portable. You can shift them from one room to another.

Types Of Table Lamp Light At Bonzer India

With the growing trends and evolving home decor designs, everyday there is a new table lamp introduced in the market. If youre curious about the different modified & graceful table lamp designs, here are the various kinds of table lamps available at Bonzer India for your bedroom:-

  • Night table lamp
  • Study table lamp
  • Craftsman table lamp
  • Novelty table lamp
  • Column table lamp
  • Torchiere table lamp
  • Table lanterns
  • Filament bulbs

Benefits Of Buying A Table Lamp

A table lamp is the most convenient, affordable and energy efficient lighting option for your home. Whether you place the table lamp on your bedside table or a side table in a living room, there are some prominent benefits of opting for them over other lighting options. Some of these benefits are:-


A bedside table lamp is the best light option for avid readers. Read for as long as you wish as you lay in your bed without turning on a huge tubelight that disturbs the people you share your room with, or awakens you from your restful mind state. With a well-directed light flow, a table lamp ensures a clear view and no strain on your eyes.


A bedside table lamp is also very easily accessible as youre laying in bed, instead of getting up to switch on the other lights in the room.

Convenient Size

Its limited structure and convenient size allows you to place it on your bedside table without taking up too much space. From a variety of lamps like study lamps, novelty lamps, column lamps available at Bonzer India for your bedroom, you can opt for a suitable table lamp size & structure that works best for you.

While some people like sleeping in a completely dark room, some people prefer a tiny, dim light being left on. A table lamp with a dark shade covering or a dimmed glow can allow you to even leave the light on all night.

Finally, a bedside table has great decorative value as it looks elegant & helps not only illuminate but also tie your room decor together wonderfully!

Why Should You Buy A Table Lamp From Bonzer India?

Buying furniture and home decor items for your bedroom is an essential task as you want to pick the best items that make you feel comforted and last you for years. Keeping this in mind, here are the reasons why you should shop for table lamps for your bedroom at Bonzer India:-

  • Exclusive budgeted deals.
  • Long-lasting lights and durable materials used to build the lamp.
  • An array of trending & beautiful table lamp designs to beautify your room and cater to your unique taste.
  • An endless list of top brands to choose your table lamp from.

Shop for the most convenient, comforting, and eclectic table lamp designs at affordable prices, exclusively at Bonzer India!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Ideal Spot To Place A Table Lamp?

A table lamp is a versatile light that can be placed on multiple surfaces such as a bedside table, a study table, or a side table in your living room too.

Are Table Lamps Energy Efficient?

A table lamp is designed to be energy efficient as it uses a bulb or LED lights with low wattage. Table lamps are a more energy and cost-effective option for lighting up your bedroom.