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Lighting plays such a crucial role in home interiors and can instantly elevate the look and feel of a space. Lamps can serve the purpose of emanating soft, soothing light, while practical lighting options, such as stylish lamps can make the décor of any space better. The mellow glow from a lamp makes everything look ten times more elegant and even has a soothing effect on our minds that can calm the senses after a long tiring day. The dim mellow light from a pretty shelf lamp by your bedside can lull you into a sound sleep in no time. Be it to enhance the room decor or enjoy some mood lighting, lamps are the best options. They are also great for festive lighting on occasions and festivals such as Diwali and New Year.

For all your lighting solutions for decorative purposes as well as utilitarian use, we have a huge collection of lamps curated just for you. At Bonzer India you’ll find a great variety of designs and styles of decorative light lamps. There are also many different types of lamps and lighting available. To help you choose the most suitable type for your need, here’s a guide on the different styles and types of lights featured in the Bonzer India floor lamp online collection, followed by a bunch of styling tips so that you style a perfect home for yourself.

Different Styles of Lamps for Home Decor

When transforming the ambience of a living space, lighting plays a pivotal role, and lamps serve as both functional fixtures and decor pieces. Bonzer India offers a diverse array of lamps, each with its own distinct style and character. From classic and elegant to modern and eclectic, we have endless options to cater to every taste and preference.

Ornate and traditional floor lamps with shelves with intricate detailing and a luxurious finish are available for those looking to add timeless elegance to their space. Bonzer India also offers sleek and contemporary designs that exude a minimalist charm. For enthusiasts of bohemian or rustic aesthetics, ethnic and earthy lamps incorporating natural elements are abundant. 

Our collection has:

Table Lamps

Table lamps are a smaller variety of lamps that have a base that holds the light bulb and the shade over it. These can be easily set up on tables to act as a light source or as a statement decor element. Table lamps are a classic choice of lighting that can brighten up any room they are added to. They are an ideal lighting solution that gives you ample radiant lighting for when you indulge in some bedside reading or prepping for your sleep. You can also include a table lamp for study on your desk. Check out some unique designs of table lamps that are suitable for different uses and functions such as bedside lamps, study lamps, and room decoration lights.

Wall Lamps

These lamps can be mounted on walls and give your walls a complete facelift. These can help cast a soft light on art, painting, or photo frames placed in the walls and create an overhead lighting effect. Since they are mounted on the wall, they take up less room space. A Wall light can also function as a night lamp. We have elegant designs for drawing rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms and some cute lamps in attractive shapes that can be added to your kid’s room too.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps with shelves also have taller versions that can simply be placed on the floor and plugged in for ambient room light. Featured in the Bonzer India collection are hundreds of floor lamp options with unique stands in attractive styles and shapes. You’ll also find the trendy tripod floor lamps here. Propped on three legs, these lamps can add an antique, timeless element to your home. When your guests visit, these are sure to catch their eye and be the topic of the conversation! Do check out the complete collection to find the perfect one for your home.

LED Decorative Lamps

Why only your home, you can also shop for a hanging lamp as gifts to your friends, family, and loved ones. Our LED lamps make for great presents for all occasions and can be personalized with photos of your loved ones. They are a beautiful addition to any spot in the house – place them on the bedside, on consoles and TV units – so you can look back on cherished memories. Check out the LED Moon lamps and photo lamps in our collection.

Bathroom Lights

Who said decorative lights can't be added to bathrooms? Enhance your bathroom interiors and give it an elegant style turn with bath lighting solutions from Bonzer India. These are sure to add some classic style to your bathroom to enhance your bath experience and your guests whenever they visit!

Our range of shelf floor lamps and lights allows homeowners to mix and match styles to create their perfect home decor. With Bonzer India's rich selection, illuminating and enhancing a space has never been more exciting and effortless.

Tips To Style Your Lamp

Revive a dull corner by lighting it up with a lamp. Place a small table in the corner and prop a beautiful table lamp on top of it for some ambient lighting. If you have a bit of space, floor lamps can also be included to give your dull corner an instant makeover.

Go for a vintage, antique finish lamp if you are a fan of the old school, to create a classic timeless theme in your home. Or you could go with a stylish lamp for a modern home. At Bonzer India you can also opt from a variety of rustic and minimalistic lamps to add to your urban, industrial, or Scandinavian home interiors.

Include a designer light lamp for a bedside table or better still, a wall mount LED wall lamp that will instantly elevate your bedroom interiors and save you space. You can also choose a hanging pendant light on top of the side table as a chic addition of beautiful lighting and style into the space. Go ahead and include a hanging light and a set of pendant lights over your dining table to light it up and create a bright and aesthetic dining experience for yourself and your guests.

Give your kid's room a makeover with these LED light lamps in cute shapes and decor that will please your kid. During the night they can double up as night lamps, with a dim light – just enough to shoo away the darkness while also lulling them into sleep.

Create a pretty entryway into your home with a decorative table lamp placed on a console along with a few decor items placed under the soft shade of the lamp. You can even include greens! You can choose an antique or a modern and elegant lamp shade to complement your home.

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