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Buy Lamp Shades Online in India at Best Price

For those who love traditional classic lamps, Bonzer India offers an exclusive collection of lamp shades. Choose from hand painted designs and contemporary art features, our range of lamp shades for table lamps, floor lamps etc. comes in elegant designs and varied sizes especially mini lamp shades to suit your decor needs to perfection. Some of the best designs are antique cylindrical lamp shades, designer fabric rectangle lamp shades, mini lamp shades and cotton dark lamp shades. Revamp an old lamp with a new table lamp shade as you change the theme or colour scheme of your decor and that too without overshooting your budget.

A well-lit home looks attractive, warm, and friendly and has a bright space giving the guests a positive vibe. It's a great idea to accessorize your home with light shades to illuminate and decorate your interiors beautifully.

Things to know Before or While buying Table Lamp Shades Online

Lampshades are the right decoration for your home. Some of the factors to consider before buying table lamp shades online are:


Make sure the shape of the light shades complements the shape of the table. This makes a statement and adds to the overall appeal. You can choose from different shapes of lamps like cylinder, bell, empire, or pen to give your home the look you want. Nowadays people are also placing their lamp shades on wall shelves.


Choose where you want your lamps to be next to your bed, lamp shades for the living room, sofa, or in a corner. Make sure the placement looks aesthetic and gives you freedom of movement.

Why should you buy Table Lamp Shades from Bonzer India?

Buy Table Lamp Shades online at Bonzer India, here we house numerous pieces of Lamp Shades. Our online store is the perfect place for you to go shopping, here we have numerous products and the item is delivered right at your doorstep. At our online store, selecting and purchasing an item is easy. The website's interface is simple to navigate and purchasing a product using our numerous payment methods is convenient. Next step is to enter your billing address and wait as the product will be delivered in no time

Whats Peoples Choice - Trending Table Lamp Shades Designs in 2022

Every space in your house has different lighting requirements. The trending lampshades are mostly in solid shades and floral prints. The pleated or hanging lampshades are also quite in demand and have a royal appeal. For more sophistication, people add embroidered lamp shades online to their home decor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How Do I Know Which Table Lampshade I Need?

To choose the correct lampshade, measure the base of your lamp and multiply it by two. The widest part of the table lampshade should be half an inch wider on each side than the widest part of your base.

How Big Should Light Shades Be?

The lampshade should be one-third of the total height of the lamp.

What Is The Best Colour For A Lampshade?

A thin/light shade or a translucent white provides better lighting and spreads it across the room.

Where Is The Best Place To Store Light Shades?

Ideally, place the lamp shades in the living room or bedroom table, or you could add ambient lampshades to the corners of your home, adding extra bright, focused light beams on the landscape.