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Buy String Lights Online at Best Price in India

The significance of light in India and around the world is immense, and festivals demand a bright environment. Be it Diwali or Christmas, cities and homes are decorated with amazing lights to make them look beautiful. With time, the decorative lights have changed a lot. For the last few years, string lights are gaining immense popularity. String lights are small LED lights that can be used as garlands to decorate the outdoors like veranda or balconies. These lights are used in shops or mandaps as garlands. You can use them to decorate the interiors of your houses too.

There are many different types of string lights available on Bonzer India. You can buy string lights online to get amazing deals and discounts on your favourite festive lights. You can find different string lights like the hanging lights for the balcony or string lights for the bedroom.

Hanging lights for balconies have different patterns, and most of them come with a tiny remote that helps you change the pattern of the glowing lights. Similarly, string lights for the bedroom can be used to change the interiors of the room to a level where they start adding a unique touch to your room.

Different Types of String Lights Available on Bonzer India

Based on your requirements, you can find different types of string lights available on Bonzer India. All you have to do is log on to the website and there you are, a whole list of stuff you might require for the coming festive season. From Diwali lights to amazing Christmas lights, you can pick the string lights that match your festive planning. These string lights are available in different designs, styles, and lengths to make sure you can decorate everything from your interiors to your bedroom to your balcony.

LED Christmas lights

Christmas is one of the festivals celebrated across the globe. The whole idea is to lighten up everything to pass positive wishes and create a friendly environment. Celebrating New Year is another important milestone after Christmas. If you are celebrating Christmas, you are sure to get a beautiful Christmas tree. You might need string lights to decorate a huge Christmas tree that can be spread along the tree. You can go for LED light chains or LED rice lights too. Fairy lights can be another option to decorate your balconies.

LED Diwali lights

Diwali without lights is like celebrating New Year without wishing the world at midnight. Well, the analogy might not match, but you get the idea. LED lights for decorating your house during Diwali is something we all look forward to. And why not, they are delicate and also look beautiful when they glow in different patterns. This is the reason that many people have moved to LED Diwali lights like fairy lights, fancy lights, LED strip lights, and so on. You can buy each one of them online at Bonzer India at affordable string lights prices.

Led Rice Lights

Rice lights are those small delicate LEDs that glow beautifully in various colours. These are some of those lights that are used for a long time by many people, especially in India. The best part of these LED rice lights is that they glow in different patterns, and you can change the light pattern as per your choice. You get a tiny remote for doing this. You can control everything from the way they glow to switching them on and off. These LED rice lights are also available in various designs, and the string is long enough to be used as hanging lights on the balcony.

Led Chain Lights

Chain lights are long enough to make sure you get the desired coverage in one single morning. You might want to decorate your room interiors to bring a little romantic lighting to your bedroom. Maybe you want to create an ambiance to click some photos or uniquely decorate your plants; these LED chain lights are sure to help you build that in your home. Plus, these are available in various designs like stars or butterflies, making them most desired for many purposes.

Hanging Lights

Hanging lights are sure to make a return as the use of balconies is also increasing. People use balconies for various reasons, and these hanging lights can be left out there all year long. You can have star hanging lights that will give a beautiful look during Diwali or Christmas to your balcony. You can use these hanging lights to decorate your Christmas tree too. You can order string lights online from Bonzer India to make the best ambiance for your guests during a Diwali party or any party in general.

Bulb String Lights

Well, the age-old bulbs are still not out of fashion. You can even see many people going for bulb string lights. Bulbs have a shape, and the amount of light they produce is excellent. Not only that, the colourful ones paint a light colour on the objects they fall, making them look different. This also adds a great look to the balcony or verandas. These bulb string lights are mostly used as hanging lights on the top of plants. This reduces your work to decorate plants as the lights make it simple.

Party String Lights

Whether you are hosting a small Diwali party or a get-together party in general, party string lights will help you in decorating your interiors uniquely. Most people go for lights that are bright or dark, but string lights add a unique touch to your party area. Plus, they do not take up a lot of space out there so you can enjoy the party as per your mood with your guests.

Outdoor Party Lights

Throwing a party is a great move, but making your guests feel welcomed is equally essential. In such cases, you can have outdoor string lights, and you can also have party LED lights for your home. You can go for LED copper string lights or flower string lights too. You can buy string lights online on Bonzer Indiato get amazing deals and discounts.

Lighten Up Your Home With Led String Lights For Diwali And Other Festivals

When you get ready in your best outfits and prepare the most delicious foods for every festival, why not add some decorative lights to jazz up your interiors too? Whether youre prepping for the festival of lights - Diwali, or any other festive occasion throughout the year, lighten up your home

  • Along with garlands made of the most beautiful and fragrant flowers, use led string lights to add to the decorative value and brighten up the garlands.
  • While we all hang decorative lights outside our windows for the festival of Diwali, this time around, use led string lights to brighten the interiors of your home as well! Tie them around the mandir to add a warm and lit-up look to your deities, or simply hang the light decoration along your furniture to illuminate every corner of your home.
  • Besides festive occasions, brighten up your home on other joyous and happy occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, achievement celebrations, and more. Instead of adding the same old streamers and balloons for the party or get-together, add led string lights to different corners of your home to celebrate a well-lit and well-deserved party!

Best Home Decor Ideas Using Decorative Lights

A homes interior is incomplete without some light decoration to enliven it. This year, use decorative led string lights to dazzle up your home decor by using these simple & effortless ideas!

Side and Dining Tables

One of the most popular and preferred ideas to decorate your interiors using led string lights is to gather or roll up these decorative lights and put them into other home decor items such as small bird cages, tea light holders, old glass bottles, or even in champagne flutes! Place these items on side tables, dining tables, or on glass shelves to add an elegant and lively touch to your home decor!


For people who love to hang up their favorite memories in the form of photographs in beautiful frames, they can put the decorative lights they save up for Diwali to better use by twirling the led string lights around the photo frames. This will give a glowing effect to your pictures and allow you to feel nostalgic every time you look at them!

Lamps and Lights

Several people like having dim lights or bulbs to switch on as they relax in their bedroom at night. Instead of using the same old light bulbs, opt for led string lights to cover a section of your bedroom wall, along your side table or simply clustered in a glass bottle placed on the mantle to add a subtle glimmer of light to your room at night.

Why Should You Buy Light Decoration From Bonzer India?

Adding decorative lights to your home can instantly liven up your home space. Whether youre adding it to your bedroom, living room, or other parts of your home, here are some reasons why you should buy led string lights from Bonzer India:-

  • Best budgeted deals on top-quality lights
  • A variety of decorative lights in different colors.
  • Long-lasting and powerful lighting.
  • Assured utility & durability for long-term use of lights.

From decorating your home for Diwali, to birthdays, to celebrating notable achievements, shop for the most long-lasting & brilliant led string lights at Bonzer India!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which String Lights Are Best For Your Balconies?

You can get the hanging string lights to decorate your balconies well. These lights are available in different forms.

Can You Leave Led String Lights On All Night?

Yes, all and any kind of LED light can easily be left on all night. LED lights do not heat up, so it is absolutely safe and energy efficient for LED lights to be kept on all night if that is what you need.

Can You Cut Led String Lights? Will They Work When You Cut Them?

Yes, LED strip lights can be cut at 5-10 cm intervals if you find that the strip is way too long for your taste or requirement. Yes, LED Strip lights will work perfectly well after you have cut off the excess length according to your requirements.

Which Led Light Is Best For The Eyes?

For the sake of your eyes, we suggest warm white natural-coloured warm white LED lighting which is between 4900 to 6500 K. We suggest sticking to warm lighting when installing any kind of LED lighting in your home.