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LED Panel Lights A Bright & Cost-Efficient Solution

The light emitting diode or LED panels are becoming preferred lights over ordinary ones due to their high efficiency and durability. The out part of LED lights has a frame that prevent light leakage. These lights are brighter, yet does not heat up like conventional lights. They are the best lights for domestic uses. LED panels are not just cost-efficient but also environment-friendly. Generally, these lights are used as ceiling LED panel lights. Before LED panel lights, look for the following factors:

    1. Size:

      The LED panel lights are available in different sizes. Select the size of ceiling Led panel light as per the size of your ceiling.

    2. Light output:

      Lumen is the measure for a total output of light. Both lumen and light output are directly proportional, meaning the higher the lumen, the better illuminated the room. Always look for lumens-per-watt before buying LED light panel.

    3. Colour temperature:

      The colour of light illuminated by an LED light is represented by colour temperature which is denoted by Kelvin (K). Following are the types:

      • Natural White:

        It mimics the sunlight with a colour temperature range of 3000K to 4000K. This type is suitable to use for darker areas like garages or basements.

      • Warm white:

        This emits the golden colour light and has a colour temperature range of 2700K to 3000K. It is generally used for nursing homes.

      • Cool White:

        It is the most common lights used in offices and homes having a colour temperature range of 4000K to 5000K.

Why LED Panel Lights?

LED lights are designed to replace conventional lights, thus they are more efficient in terms of light output as well as energy consumption than later. In all ways, LED lights are better than conventional lights, they are shock-resistant, cost-efficient and do not fade like ordinary lights with age.

Ceiling LED panel lights emit the light in wider angles that illuminate the room better along with less energy consumption. Furthermore, LED panel lights are available in different colours, which you can choose as per your requirement.

Various Designs

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