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Fancify the Look of Your House with Decorative Hanging Lights

Hanging ceiling lights are one of the best ways to add a style element to your contemporary house. Chandeliers might have always been the choice since the royal era when it comes to mansions and palaces. However, LED hanging lights continue to steal the show, whether at home or in restaurants. Picking an ideal ceiling light based on interiors is essential to set a perfect ambience. You can use either a mix of decorative hanging lights or go for a single classic choice. Apart from looks, you also need to consider the amount of lighting provided by these lamps. Wall hanging lights also make an excellent piece of decor on empty walls; you don't need expensive paintings or murals to set up a show. A set of fancy lights hanging from the ceiling right above your dining table provides enough light creating a pleasant and plush aura. You can also brighten up your living room with pendant lamps or LED hanging lights. Such lights would look absolute above staircases, picture walls, kitchen area, and bedroom.

Choose the Right Pendant Light For Your Living Room

When choosing a pair of lights, you need to consider a few factors. Before purchasing pendant lighting, you need to recognize the requirements based on the home interiors whether pendant lamps, wall hanging lights, or other decorative lights. The amount of lighting you need in an area also plays a vital role. You cannot pick a light that has medium lighting and is well suited as wall decor for your dining room.

The lamps come in various shapes and sizes; you need to select a light that blends well with your interiors and is of the correct size. Buying a large-sized light featuring geometric shapes for a traditionally styled compact dining room is a big no! The material of the lamp also matters as it ensures the durability and quality of the product. From an assortment of lights available online, you can buy the one that best suits your requirements and fits your budget.

Now Buy Hanging Lampshades At an Affordable Price

Bozner India brings you a range of lighting & lampshade options. You can choose from various shapes, sizes, colours, and styles. Buying hanging lights is now easier as you can even purchase lights under Rs. 1,000. These lights are available in materials such as terracotta, PVC, metal, glass, wood, paper, natural fibre, fabric, steel, crystal, bamboo, iron, polyvinyl, copper, aluminium, acrylic, brass, aluminium and glass, brass and glass, cane, and plastic. You get an assortment of rich colours including black, brown, white, gold, silver, copper, blue, transparent, yellow, grey, green, beige, red, orange, and brass.

Why You Should Buy Hanging Ceiling Lights From Bonzer India?

Buying from Bonzer India provides you with a lot of perks. The user-friendly website lets you customize your search based on the desired specifications. Thanks to the filters, you can choose from brand, price, height, width, depth, colour, material, discount, and the number of lights. It lets you pay via cash, cards, internet banking, PayPal, online wallets, or go for the "No Cost EMI" option. With luxe designs and excellent customer service, Bonzer India is an ideal choice to enhance your shopping experience.

Similar Products to Hanging Lights For Different Rooms

If you want to redefine the look of your house with plush lighting, then you can take a look at the wide collection at Bonzer India. Here, you will find various lighting solutions such as hanging lanternsoutdoor hangingstring lightsstudy lamps, wall scones, panel lights, chandeliers, and many more.

Hanging Lights - Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Top Brands For Hanging Lights?

Top Hanging Light brands available on Bonzer India are: Casacraft, Learc, stello, Kapoor, Jainsons Emporio

What Are The Different Types Of Hanging Lights?

Essentially they are either single hanging or cluster hanging and will majorly be classified as Bowl pendants, bell pendants, drum pendants, Mini pendants and Linear pendants.

What Should Be The Preferred Distance Of A Hanging Lamp From The Floor Or Table?

Hanging Lights have the ability to either direct light onto a surface, like a kitchen table or provide general lighting. Formal dining rooms or large tables must have lower hanging light fixtures. A general rule of thumb is to hang the fixture 3 feet (36 inches) above your table or 6 feet (72 inches) off the floor.

Which Type Of Hanging Light Should I Buy?

Use a broad hanging light for the living room. Dining rooms are ideal places for linear ones. Use a lesser diameter hanging light above your bedside table or bedroom. Choose a rugged and durable one for your outdoor spaces.

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