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Lighting plays an important role in homes owing to their functional use for life indoors. Lighting is essential to carry out all activities during different times of the day and is especially required for a range of specific activities such as reading, relaxing and a host of other daily rituals as well. But the use of lighting is not limited to that.

Lighting is essential to home decor and interiors too. LED Ceiling lighting can be used to create a pleasing atmosphere in the space, highlight certain elements or create a mellow mood all over. The right lighting can make a world of difference to the vibe of the place. Lighting has the potential to affect our moods. Lighting can create a visually pleasing effect and delight your senses. If the lighting is not right or sufficient it can also make you feel dull. If the lighting is not proper it can even affect your eyes. Therefore it's essential to pay attention to the light in your home and select them carefully as per their need, function and aesthetic value.

Surely your home needs LED ceiling lights and some decorative lighting options along with it to beautify your home! A well-lit home is a good looking home. You should be including ambient lighting and lamps for all spaces in your home for different times of the day as well as mood lighting, whether you light them all at once or not.

If you have come looking for lights and lamps, browse through our range of complete lighting solutions for your home use. At Bonzer India, we have a huge variety of LED ceiling lights for homes for the different uses and functions along with a great variety in styles, designs to choose from.

Different kinds of LED Ceiling Lights

Different Kinds of LED Ceiling Lights Available On Bonzer India


Primarily made out of glass, Chandeliers are elegant and opulent lighting that is installed on the ceiling in larger spaces. These are decorative lighting solutions to enhance the ambience, interiors or act as statement pieces of decor themselves. This makes them ideal LED ceiling lights for a hall where you entertain your guests.

Add class and elegance to your home with charming chandeliers from Bonzer India. Find the perfect one for your home in elegant designs from minimalist and modern to elaborate traditional ones.

Flush Mounts

Flush mounts are a kind of lighting that sits directly against the ceiling and shine light downwards. Because of this feature, they are preferable lighting for areas with shorter ceiling heights. They are ideal for homes that are compact and dont have the space for heavier chandeliers dangling down. They can also be placed in corners in rooms as a mini chandelier for aesthetic delight and ambient lighting.

Hanging Lights

Hanging lights are basically LED ceiling lamps that hang suspended from the ceiling or false ceiling. Hanging lights can be used for utility such as reading and working as well as for decorative function and mood lighting. As such they make great LED ceiling lights for bedrooms, as well as living rooms and even bathrooms and vanity as statement decor lighting. Enhance your home interiors with Pendant lights and lamps that shine out a bright to mellow light to warm it up instantly. Explore Bonzer India collection of lamps and lampshades as well for more options.

Hanging Lanterns

If you are a little old school, you'd love hanging lanterns in your home. Lanterns are a traditional style of lighting that was used in the olden days but are popular even today for their vintage value. Hanging lanterns generally come in traditional make and designs, can have glass patterns and intricately cut designs which reflect beautiful patterns of lights to create a charming effect. Filtered lighting in pretty patterns can really jazz up otherwise mellow interiors. So you can add them for their unique lighting effect at night. During the day they can add to the decor of your place. Check out vintage style lanterns for your taste in the classic old school on Bonzer India.

Spotlights and Panel Lights

Spotlights offer focussed lighting and are therefore used to highlight specific areas or spots such as a wall or decor elements etc. Panel lights are concealed led light lamps that are included in the POP or false ceiling. These have come to replace light tubes completely for their neat finish and use-value. Shop fall LED ceiling light for your homes from a range of options in different sizes and shapes, colours and wattage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are lots of options for LED lighting for your room. You could definitely choose an elegant LED to floor lamp, an LED Wall lamp, an LED sconce, or even beautiful LED footlights.

For your home’s false ceilings, the type of LED lights you should generally go for are the LED strip lights. LED Strip Lights stay hidden behind furniture, or behind the panels of a false ceiling, to give a really flawless and seamless look. LED Strip lights also have a really long lifespan, which means you will not have to replace them for a really long time.

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