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Buy LED Bulbs at the Best Price from Bonzer India!

If you plan to add that extra dose of glamour and style to your rooms, then there is no better way to attain the same: by choosing the right LED lights for the right impression. And when it comes to LED lights, you cannot find a better place to buy them than Bonzer India. A look at the amazing and aesthetically pleasing collection of the most trending LED lighting solutions at Bonzer India is all to make the best purchase decisions.

About LED Bulbs

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) is a popular lighting choice because it is 90% more efficient than typical incandescent lights. As you turn on an LED light, electric current passes through a microchip, which activates a tiny light source, providing illumination.

Like every lighting option, LEDs produce heat. However, unlike traditional incandescent bulbs, LED lights efficiently manage heat by using a heat sink. The heat sink absorbs excess heat, preventing the LED light from overheating and prolonging its lifespan. Due to this efficient thermal management, LED lights do not simply burn out.

Instead of burning out, you can determine an LED light's declining lifespan by considering its lumen depreciation. Lumen depreciation refers to the gradual reduction in brightness over time. When your LED light's brightness decreases by approximately 30%, it serves as an indication that it may be time to replace it.

Types Of LED Lights Available on Bonzer India

  • LED Lamps :

    Low on energy consumption and high on efficiency, these are essential when it comes to choosing the right lights for the specific corners of homes and offices.

  • LED Ceiling Lights:

    Adds brightness and style to create the right impact.

  • LED Bulbs and Batten:

    These are highly durable and energy-efficient and produce instant brightness.

  • LED Wall Light:

    Low on maintenance and easy to install, the LED wall light is equally essential when lighting up a space.

Benefits Of Opting LED Bulbs and Other LED Lightings

Following is a mention of a few of the innumerable benefits LED lights confer upon:

  • Energy efficiency: 

LED bulbs and all other LED lightings are energy efficient. You can gauge energy efficiency by noting its useful lumens that indicates the amount of light the device emits for each power unit. The higher the useful lumens, the better it is. Energy-efficient LED bulbs reduce your electricity usage, which in turn reduces your electricity bill. For this reason, you should surely consider buying LED bulbs for your homes and offices.

  • Low voltage operation 

LED lightings have a low-voltage operation. They are a suitable lighting option for flood-prone areas. You are also less likely to be harmed from a fatal electric shock after touching an LED bulb, as opposed to touching a high-voltage alternative. Given this benefit, LED bulbs are also a suitable outdoor lighting option.

  • Environment friendly 

Today, we are making conscious efforts to reduce environmental damage, which is why LEDs are a good choice for lighting fixture. LED lights are eco-friendly and energy efficient.

The incandescent bulbs you have been using for years have a mercury part, which release highly toxic gases. When you discard incandescent bulbs, they often break and lead to a mercury build up. This causes incredible environmental damage.

LED lights do not have a mercury component and are also recyclable. They are heat absorbent and do not emit blue waves either.

  • Instant to switch on and off 

When you enter a dark room and are terrified, switching on a bulb that takes forever to start or blinks is the last thing you want! LED lights can be instantly switched on and off.

You would often tell your little one not to switch on and off the table lamp several times as you would fear the typical incandescent bulb would fuse out. Your little one can switch on and off the LED bulb lamp as often as he likes. Frequent switch ons and offs do not affect LED lights efficiency and lifespan.

  • Flexible usage 

LED lights are very versatile and Bonzer India has different LED light and fixture offering. They tend to be small-sized, however powerful enough to provide good illumination. You can buy LED bulbs, LED lamps, LED ceiling lights, and LED wall lights. You can use them individually or in a combination; the choice is yours.

Select LED lights have adjustable dimming capabilities. Lights with adjustable dimming capabilities help create a suitable environment for every activity, making them perfect for every modern home and workspace.

You can adjust LED lights in the power range between 5% and 100%. At all power percentages, LED lights perform well. In fact, when you use less than full power LED lights perform more efficiently. This benefit facilitates other benefits like low energy consumption and energy costs.

Things To Know Before Buying LED Bulbs:

  • Colour:

    • It is essential to choose the right colour. LEDs are available in different colours, and you should choose the one that best suits your purpose.
  • Lumen:

    • Consider the lumen carefully to get the brightness you desire.
  • Lifespan:

               Also, please consider the lifespan of the LED lights before buying them.

Benefits Of Buying Good Quality LED Bulbs Online

With little homework and prior analysis, you can buy the best LED bulbs from online sellers. With a single click, you will have a vast range of LED lights at your disposal to choose from, and that too from the best brands. Save your time and energy in planning out the other aspects of interior decoration!

At Bonzer India, you will get the most impressive and latest lighting options to decorate your home’s different corners. The mind-blowing range of lighting solutions includes from chandeliers to flush mounts to hanging lights and lanterns to spotlights and panel lights.

Ways In Which You Can Use LED Bulbs and Other LED Lighting Options

Here are several ways in which you can use LED bulbs and other lighting options:

Simple bulb 

If you want to use LED bulbs effectively, there are several ways to do so. One option is to install an LED bulb at your home's entrance, keeping it on at all times. This provides ample illumination when you return home at night, making it easier to find the keyhole and see clearly through the safety door.

For every Indian home, a temple is essential for daily spiritual practice. Illuminating the temple continuously is important, and using an LED bulb is a great way to enhance its appeal. You can find LED bulbs of diverse sizes and colours online at Bonzer India.

Moreover, LED bulbs are energy-efficient and operate at a low voltage, making them suitable for use in bathrooms and balconies as well.


Another effective use of LED bulbs is in lamps, which come in various types such as floor lampstable lamps, and wall lamps. These lamps can serve as task lighting or accent lighting, and you can find a wide selection of functional and eye-catching options at Bonzer India. To find the perfect lamp for your favourite spot, consider your lighting needs and the interior of the space.

It's important to note that different lamps may or may not come with bulbs included. Always check the lamp's product specifications to know its assembly provisions.

If you need a bulb for a lamp or want to replace an existing one, visit the Bonzer India website for quality lighting products at incredible prices. Keep an eye out for discount offers and "deals of the day" to make cost-effective purchases. Whether you plan to buy a few pieces or place a bulk order, rest assured that your order will be delivered to you in the shortest possible time.

Decorative lighting 

You may find it surprising, but LED bulbs can be used as decorative lighting. Back in the day, when such an extensive decorative lighting range wasn't available, people used bulbs on Diwali and Christmas to light up and decorate their homes. The bulb decoration practice is still very prevalent. It allows you to decorate your home in a simple yet elegant manner.

There are several ways to decorate LED bulbs, you can hang them in varying lengths from a panel in the corner of your room. Switching on the yellow LED bulbs would bring life to your room. You can also string various colour bulbs and decorate your balcony during Diwali. Your Diwali will surely become special and eco-friendly.

Trending LED Lights Designs

Layer lighting, Statement Oversized Lights, Bamboo, Rattan or Glass Wood Lights, Cocoon Lights, Blass/Metallic Floor Lamp, Frosted Overhead Lights, Hidden ceiling lights, and many more. But understand your need and purpose properly and choose a design without blindly following a trend.

At Bonzer India, the choices are endless, and the products are the best in terms of their quality. For that extra quotient of style and grace you crave for your living space, please check out the unique LED light collection at Bonzer India. The carefully crafted LED light solution includes LED Lamps, LED Ceiling Lights, LED Wall Lights, and LED bulbs and batten for you to choose from the most trustworthy brands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) Lamps are eco-friendly as they do not have mercury vapour. Thus, their impact on the environment is very low.

There are table lamps and floor lamps. The uses depend on the type of lamps.

2-3 volts is the recommended level for LED lamps.

As many as required to provide adequate light and remain in sync with the decor and size of the living room.

LED bulbs are very useful because they are energy efficient and environment friendly. Operating at a low voltage, these bulbs ensure secure light usage throughout the day. Moreover, their versatility allows them to be used with all types of light fixtures, so you can illuminate your home beautifully. Find discounted LED bulbs online at Bonzer India and brighten your living spaces.

In comparison to incandescent bulbs LED bulbs have a longer lifespan. Incandescent bulbs tend to radiate tremendous heat, leading to the bulbs burn out or fail, translating to a short lifespan. Incandescent bulb’s lifespan is also affected due to frequent switch on and offs and sudden power cuts.

LED bulbs also radiate heat, it is absorbed by a heat sink, preventing bulb burn out. This enhances the bulbs lifespan. Furthermore, LED bulb’s lifespan is not affected by frequent switch on and offs and power cuts. This allows you to use your LED bulb lamp for a good period.

At Bonzer India, you can find an extensive collection of lamps and lighting. You can light up your home in a desirable manner. Bonzer India has curated an entire offering of LED lights be it bulbs, ceiling, or wall lights. The lighting options are available in various voltage, colours, sizes, prices, and discount ranges. You can use the filter and sorting tool to buy lighting matching your requirement within minutes.