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Buy Filament Bulb Online at Best Price in India

Lighting is such a huge part of your home’s appeal. Quality lighting can make or break a space, so investing in light fixtures for impact and charm is extremely important. Great lighting makes sure that your prized possessions and your furniture look regal, inviting and beautiful. Bad lighting can have the opposite effect, which is obviously something we all should strive to avoid.
Statement and decorative lights is a trend that has definitely come up over the years. Beautiful lighting is a decorative accent in itself, and can help you if you want to avoid unnecessary knick knacks and curios in your home. For a minimalist home, having beautiful light fixtures is a great way to introduce design and aesthetics into your home, without adding unnecessary elements. Here is where light fixtures like Filament or Edison bulbs come into play.

Filament bulbs are a kind of bulb wherein the filament, a metal wire which conducts electricity, is the source of illumination. Most bulbs like CFL or LED bulbs do not have exposed filaments, which is why light is evenly dispersed throughout the body of the bulb. A filament or edison bulb on the other hand has beautiful and distinctive exposed filaments that shine reddish-orange when the bulb is in use. Filament bulbs exude a unique and stunning warm yellow light which is found to be flattering on everyone.

Filament bulbs and light fixtures can easily be placed in areas of your home where soft light is needed. Place your Edison bulbs in your dining areas, living room, bedrooms or passages. Filament bulbs work best when the space is a common area and not a task-oriented area, like a kitchen or study.

Types of Filament Bulbs:

Round Filament Bulbs
If you like the classic round shape of bulbs, or want a slightly larger filament bulb, you can go for the G80 Gold E27- 40 Watts Filament Bulb By Imperial Glass Emporium.

Tube Filament Bulbs
Quite a unique shape for a bulb, a tube-style filament bulb can be used when you want to create a lighting fixture on your own, or if you only want to illuminate a small area, such as a single corner of your living room. Get the Transparent Glass Shade Filament Bulbs With Gold Base by Astral if you want a tube-style filament bulb.

Gold Base Filament Bulbs
If your decor is very opulent and traditional, a gold base filament bulb will look better than any other colour. This also applies to a home where everything is warm toned. Get the Transparent Glass Shade Filament Bulbs With Gold Base by Astral.

Black Base Filament Bulbs
If you live in a home that is inspired by the industrial style, or has a very dark and moody vibe, a filament bulb with a black base will look exceptional in your home. Get the Transparent Glass Shade Filament Bulbs With Black Base by Jainsons Emporio for your home.

Bonzer India’s range of filament bulbs covers round, squarish, tube-style and even oval shaped filament bulbs. The range of filament bulbs is ultra affordable as well, starting at just about INR 300. Your search for filament bulbs ends here, if you have been looking for on-trend and classy additions to the lighting fixtures in your home. Shop for home decorfurniturefurnishings and more, from the comfort of your home, and have everything safely delivered to you, via Bonzer India.